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'Someone is going to get hurt': the rise of DIY gene editing
As a teenager, Keoni Gandall already was operating a cutting-edge research laboratory in his bedroom in Huntington Beach, California. While his friends were buying computer games, he acquired more than a dozen pieces of equipment - a transilluminator, a centrifuge, two thermocyclers - in pursuit of a hobby that once was the province of PhDs in institutional labs.
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UConn Gene Editing Research Could Benefit Citrus Industry
The Florida citrus industry is having their worst harvest in 73 years, and scientists at the University of Connecticut are stepping in to help.
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Why are scientists genetically editing pigs?
Scottish scientists from the same institute that created Dolly the Sheep have genetically modified pigs that are resistant to one of the world's costliest livestock diseases. But the breakthrough by scientists from the University of Edinburgh "poses a headache for ministers, because the technology for carrying out gene surgery on livestock is advancing so rapidly that public opinion and the law have not caught up", says The Times.
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National Human Genome Research Institute - Wikipedia
NHGRI began as the Office of Human Genome Research in The Office of the Director in 1988. This Office transitioned to the National Center for Human Genome Research (NCHGR), in 1989 to carry out the role of the NIH in the International Human Genome Project (HGP).
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American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics
Medical genetics - Wikipedia
In contrast, the study of typically non-medical phenotypes such as the genetics of eye color would be considered part of human genetics, but not necessarily relevant to medical genetics (except in situations such as albinism). Genetic medicine is a newer term for medical genetics and incorporates areas such as gene therapy, personalized medicine, and the rapidly emerging new medical specialty, predictive medicine.
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