Niche Research
Near Me - people want to find businesses near them, such as a pizza parlor, or post office, so put in the exact name of a place and then put the word near me behind it, such as" day spa near me.
Bone Broth is a healthy food trend that sells well online - Beef bone broth, Chicken bone broth
Tiny Houses - people can buy plans and construct their own in a backyard or on a small plot of land for the tiny living experience (those who have these houses will need small appliances to put in them) how to build tiny houses, cost of tiny houses
GPS Car Tracking  - install on peoples cars so that they can find it if lost or see where their teenagers are driving to.
Laserless Tattoo Removal - people at some point in their lives will want to remove the tattoos that they have and they want to do it without lasers. tattoo removal 
18 Wheeler Accidents - Legal attorneys are helping people involved in these types of incidents. Ranking truck accident lawyers on a website. Help with legal action after suffering.
automated truck lawsuits, vehicle automation. truck accident: 8,100 monthly searches 18 wheeler accident: 1,300 monthly searches truck rollover: 1,300 monthly searches truck accident lawyer: 1,000 monthly searches semi truck accident: 1,000 monthly searches truck accident attorney: 720 monthly searches fatal truck accident: 390 monthly searches
Car Shipping companies - shipping a car: 8,100 monthly searches auto shipping: 8,100 monthly searches auto transport companies: 6,600 monthly searches car transport companies: 4,400  monthly searches how much does it cost to ship a car: 4,400 monthly searches car shipping companies: 3,600 monthly searches how much to ship a car: 2,900 monthly searches
Best home security systems - people are looking for home security reviews on the internet
Kids party ideas - parents need to get ideas for their kids parties. Dinosaur party ideas, how to make balloon animals, princess party ideas
balloon animals, scavenger hunt clues, birthday jokes, scavenger hunt riddles
Virtual Reality -  Virtual reality gaming, Virtual desktop for virtual reality, Oculus Rift, UploadVR, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Virtual reality shopping, Virtual reality advertising, DIY Virtual reality
Virtual reality cameras, Virtual reality jobs
Pole Dancing Courses - woman and men take this to stay fit and have fun. Schools and academies directory with reviews. London pole dancing class, London pole dancing school, 
London pole dancing academy
Smoking Related Items  - Glass Pipes, water pipes, bong, dab rigs, concentrate rigs, smoking and paraphernalia. Buyer intent keywords.
Soundproofing a room - for those who have podcasting equipment, recording studios, acoustic panels, 
Mommy Makeovers - recent mothers who have had children and looking to get back in shape
Heavy equipment rental - renting construction equipment - engine hoist rental, dozer rental, hydroseed rental, dingo rental, rent rototiller