Hypermiling Secrets - How To Improve Gas Mileage
Hypermiling and Other Gas Saving Secrets

Hypermiling is the new science of using safe and sensible techniques to get better gas mileage and lower your fuel consumption. Would you like to get near hybrid gas mileage from your normal car, with a few safe and simple tips and tricks, that don't cost you anything to implement?

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Here are a few of the things you will learn in "Hypermiling and Other Gas Saving Secrets"

A simple routine that will take you 5 minutes a week, yet can save you upwards of 20% on your gas mileage.
Simple techniques that you'll employ in normal driving conditions, which can give you unheard-of savings.
What risky and unsafe techniques to avoid, these could cost you your life!
A push-button route to huge savings.
Lifestyle changes that save gas
Discover some emerging new technology before anyone else has heard of it!
...and many, many more!

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Hypermiling and Other Gas Saving Secrets - Free Preview